Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Shame. I keep seeing over and over again HS'ers saying how much they are ashamed of their bodies, how embarrassed they are, how unworthy they feel. It's time for that to stop. What have any of us done to feel this way. Have you screwed someone over? Have you deliberately scarred your body? What have you done that makes you feel that you deserve HS? I understand why people feel this way. I'm not an ogre but it hurts me emotionally every time I see someone talking this way. Does a cancer patient feel ashamed? Does someone with Crohns feel ashamed? I could keep going on but you get the point.

What it comes down to is this... you have a condition called HS. You did not deliberately set out to develop this condition you couldn't as it is most likely genetic (still being debated but look at the families involved). Let me see you made the conscious decision while your mother was pregnant with you that you were going to have HS. You must have because that's the only reason I can think of for you to feel ashamed. 

Yes HS is an ugly disease, it scars and destroys skin. You leak blood and pus regularly, you smell but you did not do any of this to yourself. Oh ya what about relationships? You are worried about what your partner will say about your intimate scars etc. The way I look at it we have a built in idiot detector. If our prospective partner can't handle the scarring etc then we really don't need them around. Hey some people marry and are together for many years before they realize they picked a lemon. We can find out much sooner because of HS. Sure it means it may take longer to find Mr/Mrs Right but at least we won't spend years with a lemon.

Anyways the next time you feel ashamed ask yourself why? Shame is reserved for people who consciously have done or said something to feel that way. Hs'ers do not fall into that category.

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