Sunday, January 15, 2012


Ideas to lower wound care costs: Tapeless, washable, reusable bandages. Initial cost is a bit but not too bad. Since these can be reused over and over they may be an excellent idea. They are a covering only and not meant to go right over the wound but simply to hold the dressing in place.

The second link is about making and sterilizing your own reusable cotton or linen bandages. They just tear but I would be tempted to sew a neat edge. Anyways These are interesting links. Enjoy

Also a video on making crochet cotton bandages.

Ah I found an actual written pattern for the crochet bandages. They call them leprosy bandages. Anyways the instructions are lower down the page here:

Also if you will be making bandages, once you have made enough for yourself consider making a few more to donate to this worthy cause.


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