Monday, January 2, 2012


A new year has started. I had some very high hopes of it being better than last year but it definitely has come in with quite a bite. I'm flared under both arms and my right groin. The right breast is biting pretty good as well. I can't take any painkillers anymore as they make me nauseous followed by a round of vomiting. I believe my stomach is saying 'no more'. I'm learning just how much pain a human being can withstand before insanity kicks in.

It seems a study has been completed in regards to HS. It came to some predictable conclusions although the nd:yag was a bit of a surprise. Monthly nd:yag treatments although it doesn't say so I imagine those are for life. Too bad it's so damn expensive to have the treatments

QUOTE: "Conclusions  Shown to be effective treatments for HS were a clindamycin-rifampin combination regimen, a course of infliximab, monthly Nd:YAG laser sessions, and surgical excision and primary closure with a gentamicin sulfate–collagen sponge. Most therapies used to treat HS were supported by limited or weak scientific evidence. A treatment approach is presented based on the evidence and on clinical experience at the Follicular Disorders Clinic, Department of Dermatology, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan. This review emphasizes the need for large randomized controlled trials to evaluate treatment options for HS."

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