Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Son's Gift to Cancer Research

I have 5 beautiful children each unique in their own ways and all of them very much loved by me. As the years pass one or more of my kids always amazes me at the things they accomplish or the decisions they make. Recently my 13 year old son blew me away with the depth of his heart.

The idea was his, he had been teased for so long about his long blond hair. His teachers even joked about paying him to get his hair cut. So finally one day he told his principal sure he'll cut his hair but the money was to be donated to Cancer Research. They were still not sure if he was serious but he persisted so his homeroom teacher agreed to help him organize things. The entire school rallied behind him. In the end he raised more than $1100 for Cancer Research. It turns out his hair was even long enough to be donated for a childs wig. Some little boy or girl who is fighting cancer will be getting this special gift from my son. As a mother I cannot be any prouder.

Now to tell you why I consider this so special. My son has a severe LD (learning disability). He has spent most of his school life being called a dummy or stupid and has had to learn to deal with other kids and their prejudices and ignorance yet his IQ is through the roof. He is the most intelligent person I know. I do not see him as disabled, to me he just LEARNS DIFFERENTLY. Besides I firmly believe that it's the people who ""think outside the box"" that move the world forward.

Now that would be enough but he also has a deformed ear (cauliflower ear). He knew full well that cutting his hair meant that his deformity would be visable. We've hidden it with his hair for years waiting until he is fully grown to have it fixed. So knowing that he would be subjecting himself to teasing and ridicule he still went forward with his plans.

This boy also attends weekly Youth Group meetings for the last 4 years helping out severely physically disabled kids, socializing with them and becoming good friends with these kids. Through this group he has learned how to face society and shrug off all the names he is called.

He also is part of a pilot research project sponsored by the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto, Canada that aims to create new learning stratgies for future LD kids. He is tested every few months by hospital staff in an effort to learn more. Finally this same child found his father dead at the age of 10. He has turned it into a strength rather than a weakness and has learned to persevere and overcome where others may have turned to drugs, alcohol or crime to vent their frustrations.

I am very proud of my son Gabriel. he is proof that no matter what hand life deals you work with it and make the best with what you have.Signed: A very proud mother.


Jonathan Jay said...

that is amazing! Being a boy with cancer please tell him Thank you for me!

Teri said...

I will tell him what you have said. You just make sure you keep on fighting and never give up.

I've added you as a friend on twitter (@tkorri) and am following your blog. I will keep you in my prayers.

Oh my son just informed me he will be doing it again next year.