Sunday, April 19, 2009

My son The aspiring Pianist

I've raised many kids. I actually had two families. My older three kids were in their teenage years when the younger two were born. Now they are adults with families of thier own. My younger two are 14 and 10 and will be home for a little while longer.

The surprising thing is this, my younger two are both strongly interested in music. My son Gabe is a guitarist and I've spoken of him on this blog already. My youngest boy, Kurtis, is the piano player. He practiced for a while on a toy piano learning his hand placements etc. Then one day we had a chance to get an upright piano for the cost of moving it. Naturally I jumped at it. It now sits in my livingroom. I've paid to have it tuned and need to replace a few strings but what counts is the fact he can now practice whenever he wants on a decent instrument. Repairs will take time. We are not well off by any means and every penny is dear but what kind of mom would I be if I didn't try my best to encourage their interests?

It's a joy to listen to kurtis play on this old piano. It's very old having been built in 1897 but it still holds a tune reasonably well. if it wasn't for this gift my son would not be able to pursue his hobby. I'll add some pictures in a few days of Kurtis and his piano. He's improving all the time. Luckily his Grandmother is a music teacher and gives him lessons every Thursday. Her sons were not big on learning so she must be thrilled that her grandson is loving every minute of it :)

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