Sunday, September 1, 2013

1 month of paleo minus nightshades.

After my last infection I buckled down and really got strict with myself. Absolutely no potatoes or any other type of nightshade. Strict paleo. I must say I am once again several days free of pain killers. You think I would learn eh? Every time I start healing and feeling good, food gets the better of me and I end up in a downward spiral again of flare after flare. I must not eat nightshades ever again.

Ive been studying food and nutrition the last month or so. Today I picked up some books on paleo, autoimmune, nutrition etc. One includes a section on which foods interact with which body systems and organs. I intend to learn everything I can about diet and human physiology because I really believe that is where the key is. 

I am trying to get used to not saying diet as much and instead use the words nutrition. People need different types of foods depending on their country/area of origin and a lot of us are mixed breeds or mutts. Therefore one type of diet does not fit everyone. It probably explains why some of us have success on a diet like gluten free, vegan or paleo, while others don't.

It's possible that they need a combination or something specifically for them because of their origins. I don't know if that makes sense to everyone. Im still trying to wrap my brain around it all.

Anyways here is a picture of my progress over the last few weeks. This is done using only food. Click on the image to see if full size

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Leila Bodros said...

Teri! Just found your blog! So sad to read your last post in August, but hope you are all 'mended' now!

I hear you when you say switching to the words nutrition. What books are you reading?

I have been researching courses, as I need to get a qualification in France (eventually, once my French is a little better). I have been researching Naturopathy - it definitely looks like the route I want to take. Have you looked into it?
So lovely to read your blog and comments everywhere <3
All my love,