Friday, May 13, 2011

Updated images

I have decided to post images of where I am right now and update those images to see if progress has been made. I will not post all the areas affected as some are rather personal considering my labia are heavily infected. What I do post here should be enough to give you an idea. Please remember no matter how bad these images look to you there are people out there with this disease who are 10 times worse that I am.  The only other option I have open to me is surgical. I've seen pictures of the scars and disfigurement left behind after the surgeries if at all possible I would want to avoid this.

Now for the images:

Left Armpit

Right Armpit

top of right breast above the nipple

underside left breast - this area has been healing really well compared to how it was last year

underside of right breast - also healing quite well since last year

front groin area - this area is getting worse all the time and is the reason why I have trouble walking. The lump area is over 4 inches across and hurts like hell. New areas are forming around it. Last year there was only a few lumps.

When I mention last year that is when my last set of pictures were taken. There is a topic on my blog. look to the left where my links are and you will see one that says My HS Story that link will lead you to the previous pictures. Most areas have healed somewhat from last year except my groin and left underarm and now my right underarm is getting bad again.

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