Friday, April 29, 2011

My HS Diet

This is the diet I am using to help strengthen my body and fight my disease. I am feeling healthier, looking better and have become active again. Surprisingly the diet is actually quite tasty and I am finding that I am never hungry. How many of us have been on diets only to find that we are always hungry. This time around I'm not and if I do feel hungry I eat.

Anyways it's pretty basic. Since yeast, sugars and grains seem to feed my disease any foods containing those items are out including breads. The exception is brown rice which I eat about once a week. I've been playing with brown rice pastas and they do not cost much more and taste quite yummy. My boys have even started eating it.

Salt, starches and processed foods are out. Have you ever stopped to read the sodium content on packaged foods? Margerine, oils etc no good. Beans are no good for auto immune based diseases and since there is speculation that mine may fall into that category beans are out. Peanuts as well since they are not a nut but a legume.

So what does that leave? A lot actually. 

I can eat meat, fish and seafood as much as I like. 
Fresh/frozen vegetables and fruits are eaten. 
Mushrooms of all types
Raw nuts and seeds are also a daily food item. Raw almonds are actually like candy for me now.
Milk, eggs, cottage cheese and occassionally cheese. 
Honey, raisins, raw cocoa, dark unsweetened chocolate and dates meet my sweet tooth. 
I cook using coconut oil which is actually very good for you or unsalted butter. 
I use olive oil and vinegar for my salads when I want a dressing adding seasonings to my taste. Olive oil is no good for cooking as once it reaches a certain temperature it chemically changes. 
Pickles are allowed.

As you can see there is a lot of foods that I can eat and not only am I allowed to eat them but I can eat as much as I want of each. A typical breakfast might include a few orange slices, 3-4 strawberries, 3-4 dates and some almonds. It's quite filling actually. Veggie stir fries as a side dish to my main meat meal. Also I try and eat my largest meals before mid afternoon.

To drink I am allowed water, milk, teas, and natural fruit juices (not from concentrate!!! but the real thing)

I am thinking of getting some almond flour so I can make pies and cookies that I can actually eat.

Now this diet is giving me everything my body needs and I have energy I haven't had in a long time but I do supplement my diet with vitamins.

Daily suppliments: 
Multivitamin, everyone should take this actually but you don't need me to preach
vitamin C, To help repair cells and fight illness
Vitamin D, To help calcium absorbtion to strengthen bones especially since I'm menopausal also because I am not always able to be outside.
Omega 3-6-9, brain food ;)
Tumeric, for my disease also helps thin the blood and I suffer from clots this has allowed me to stop taking warfarin which is essentially a rat poison used to thin blood
Vitamin B12 - for the nervous system and other things
Probiotic drink - when taking my vitamins I use this to drink them down. It was George's idea and is a welcome addition.
Calcium with magnesium - I'm the age where bone loss is critical to stop I don't want to develop Osteoporosis 

Now add to this all the additional exercise I am doing when I am able to. The walking and basic strength training. Strength training is needed to tighten skin. Since I cannot sweat without breaking out this is done slowly throughout the day 5-10 mins at a time. 

Since I am cooking from scratch a lot the kids and George are becoming healthier. I've taught all three of them how to cook from scratch as well for the days I'm off my feet. I don't make them follow my diet and I have no problem baking a batch of cookies and not eating any. I have been making homemade pizza (dough form scratch) pies, and all kinds of meals. Heck I may even try my hand at making my own pastas. George has been eating more and more fresh fruit, nuts and veggies. It seems he loves that kind of food and is enjoying himself while also becoming healthier. We recently disovered that we are both shrimp fiends so needless to say we are eating much more shellfish.

I've been cooking double batches when I'm able to and freezing half again for the days I am not mobile.

Tonight I am looking forward to a dark chocolate fondu with fruit to dip. mmmmm I never knew diets could taste this good. :P

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I'm guessing that you don't break out on your groin? If you do, how is working out possible?