Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Photo Image

I guess I should explain why my picture is of a guinea pig. I've been on an experimental treatment for my disease. Because of this I often feel like a guinea pig. Actually my Facebook profile has a picture of a little voodoo doll because I often feel like a pin cushion. Anyways I figure the picture depicts my overall state of mind.

From this point on I will be posting pictures of work I have completed. I've been doing a lot of sculpting this last year and find I really enjoy it. I have some of my work posted over on Deviant Art but I figure maybe I should post some here as well. You never know maybe someone will actually start reading this thing besides myself so perhaps I should show off a little bit. *grin*

I met this nice woman at the local farmers market today. She does beautiful wire jewelry. I was thinking of perhaps purchasing some pieces of hers this winter and adding my clay pendants to them. I'm already coming up with a bunch of ideas. Heck even if my body hates me my mind is still sharp. I guess that is a good thing.

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